Welcome Details, QuickStart Guide and Introductory items CM

Welcome to the
Clear Mind Master Coaching Program!

I am so excited to have you with me here on this great adventure into your soul, and to bring your true being out into the world to shine!
Without further ado, I am sure that you are keen to kick off, lets begin:

Quick Start

Please read carefully through the Welcome Document which was already e-mailed to you. I put a downloadable link of the same document below, so that you have everything in one place.

Each document link in this program is a link to a shared document. Please DO NOT make any changes to this ORIGINAL. Please ensure that you download each document onto your device or copy it to our shared/own folder.

You only have ‘editing’ access to the documents that you need to be able to fill in. The rest are locked.


Please download the QuickStart guide and complete all the action items in this Guide, and then continue with this module.

Just a tiny bit of tech stuff Watching the videos

All videos have a little wheel symbol bottom righto to change the resolution – (quality of the image). If you are on a computer, you might want to increase the resolution to it’s highest for the image to be clear.
If your internet connection is poor, lower the resolution and watch the video smaller, as that will help you with streaming better.

How to Speed up or slow down Videos: Browser Add-on

If you need to look through a video quickly to find a particular spot, or slow down a part, you can use this little add-on for the Chrome browser.
It gives you a little control bar into your browser window which allows you to speed up or slow down videos. Very handy for all sorts of things.

* Simply Google ‘video speed controller’ to find the Chrome or Firefox Add-on.


I spent 30 years so that you don’t have to!

I am here for you!