Full Sun Salutation


Lesson #2

Full Sequence Sun Salutations

Please make sure that you have read the introduction to this module before beginning this sequence.

Please note:

I would always recommend to do the 5 Tibeteans or at least the whole body warm up before beginning this practice. If you cannot do that, I recommend doing at least one round of sun salutation very gently, not going super deep into the stretches and then with each sun salutation, as the body warms up, going deeper.

Remeber that the sun salutations do not contain any turns (unless you put in the 3DD), and only the low lunge as the chest opener. So it is usually not sufficient as a full warm up. Therefore if you begin a sequence with the sun salutations, make sure to add turns and chest openers into the sequence, and begin any sequence gently.

It’s all about going inside. I would recommend doing all practices with eyes closed! Focus on FEELING each movement.

Sun Salutations


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