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Lesson #1

Full Sequences About this Module

Here are your first full sequences for you. They are to revisit, revise, remember and learn. I go into a lot of detail about each posture, and I hold the postures for a while, so the sequences are long. They are complete and comprehensive and your body will feel incredible afterwards.

Once you know the sequences and how to do the postures, feel free to go through the sequences by yourself at a faster pace.

I personally like taking my time and REALLY FEEL EVERY SINGLE POSTURE, but I know that this is not always possible for everyone in every day life.


This sun salutation can be done focussing on the following options:

1) Full Breath concentration, breathing in and breathing out, entering the nose, filling the lungs etc.

2) Breathing in for 5 and out for 5

3) With Ujaii breath – the ENTIRE PRACTICE

4) Feeling your body as a hologram, as an entire unit from the inside

5) Feeling every single movement precicely and uniquely. Really focussing on each placement of each limb and body part exactly. Really feeling the stretch, exactly where it is supposed to be.


For this Module, please know that:

  • It’s all about going inside. I would recommend doing all practices with eyes closed! Focus on INTIMATELY, EXQUISITELY FEELING each movement, make sure you feel what you are supposed to feel and where, and take the time and awarenes to self adjust, rather than just buzzing through the sequences to get it done.
  • The more you go inside, the more incredible your experience of each asana and the sequence as a whole.
  • Remember, asana is moving meditation. The more you focus on the FEELING SENSATION of your body and/or breath, the less thoughts you focus on. You move from the stages of Dharana to Dhyana and the single pointed awareness of the NO MIND.


I spent 30 years so that you don’t have to!

I am here for you!