CM Action List Bonus 3 Kechari and Shambhavi Mudra

Action List

1. Practice Kechari Mudra all day long (write it on your hand)
2. Practice Shambhavi Mudra whenever you can close your eyes (there are many opportunities throughout the day), and when going to bed
3.  Submit any thoughts, impressions, comments, experiences on the Sadhguru and Infinite Water video on third eye opening. (Do not dismiss the Infinite Water video as too ‘far out’ have a look deep down if you might have had some similar experiences.
4.   Note down and submit any questions/comments for this module to discuss on our next call, including your answers of all the questions I asked during the lessons.

Please be gentle on yourself Shambhavi Mudra can be intense. For Shambhavi Mudra you can touch your forehead with a finger to help.

Please submit all assignments at least 24-48 hrs before the coaching calls, if you would like to discuss them.


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