Action List


Lesson #4

Action List

1.  Prepare all questions about existing postures are per lesson #1
2. Write down all new postures you would like to discuss and how you think ‘I would teach them’. You can also make videos of yourself for me to review in our next call, and explain in them what you are doing and why (or why not), if that would be easier than notes.
3. Continuous, i.e. 24/7 contemplation on ‘Impermanence’, or any of the variations from lesson #3
These are the last two Modules of the Yoga Master Program, and the last assignments you will get!!!
Please take your time with this module.
Let me know if you need to move this call a little further out to have enough time for a proper review.
After this Module we will review and wrap up the program together, and schedule your very last call.

Remember to submit all assignments 24-48 hours before our call. If you submit videos, they definitely want to be with me 48 hours before to give me enough time to look over them.


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