Pranayama – Kundalini 1+2, energy up and down the spine, focus on Crown chakra


Lesson #1:

Kundalini 1 and 2

Kundalini 1


3 day Conscious Breathing and Energy work

Starting to clear the way for Kundalini energy

You can do this ‘bringing energy up and down the spine’ pranayama as a ‘sit down’ practice or whenever you have the time. For maximum effect though, I recommend doing it once every day, sitting down if you can (whenever you want to, the time does not matter), for a minmum of 3 days (more if you wish). Start with 5 minutes and if you like the effect of it, increase the time..

You can sit while the food cooks or in the bath tub, waiting for a meeting or do it standing standing in the grocery store check-out, or whenever you find some space in your brain while you are working. Again, incorporate it into your life as much as you can. Write it on your hand and make a commitment to bring energy up and down the spine whenever you see it!

If you like the effects of it, write it into a ‘favorite practices’ part of your wow-journal.

I will give you information on Kundalini energy (what it is and why you’d want to work with it) in future Modules.

If you have strong energetic experiences that you feel uncomfortable with, please stop the practice and contact me with an description of your senstations and I will give you further instructions (not everybody experiences these effects).

—>>> Please write and submit notes on your experiences during this pranayama to discuss in our call.

Kundalini 2 3 day Focus on Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra

This extraordinary exercise got an indian man (Pandiji) enlightened. He did not have a teacer or (access to internet) in those days. He practiced for 30 years without fail and was rewarded with the highest attainment of consciousness through it.

What is this incredible exercise I hear you ask?
It is simply the focusing on AND the FEELING of your crown chakra (Sahasrara).
We will go into way more detail about chakras in future modules.
For 3 solid days, all day long, or whenever you can, focus on your crown chakra (right on the top of your head). If it’s tricky for you to maintain attention there (I for example could not feel that area of my body at all before I began this exercise), then you can put a finger on the top of your head as a ‘feeling reference’ point.
That’s it.
—>>> Please write and submit notes on your experiences during this exercise to discuss in our call.

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of these exercises.

Some of the simplest ones are the most powerful ones


I spent 30 years so that you don’t have to!

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