Lesson #7:

The Soul of India

The Soul of India in Music

I often tell stories of India. This extraordinary place where the great teachers still live, where spirituality is thick enough to cut it with a knife, where magic is still abundant and accessible to all. This piece of music is not to everyone’s taste, as the sounds are often strange to our ears. Nevertheless, I invite you to lie back, belly breathe and listen to this piece of music and feel it’s soul. The song starts around 3:30 seconds.

Krishna Das

If you don’t know him yet, this is a video of Krishna Das (the door of faith). For me, he has one of the most soulful voices. This is him at his best.

He is a true soul. One of his assistants knocked on his door once before a concert, as Krishna Das was practicing to get ready. As there was no answer, the assistant entered. Krishna Das had his eyes closed. His assistant sat and was soon enthralled by KDs voice. After an hour passed and Krishna Das was still singing, his assistant realized that KD wasn’t getting ready for the concert, but that he was practicing; practicing for himself, because that’s who he is, what he does, what lifts his soul and his being to god.

The Soul of India in video

This movie is a sweet story, but behind it all is the soul of how India truly is. So sweet and gentle and full of hope “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”
I especially like the bit where the old lady goes to the house of the ‘cleaner’ lady and finally understands the ‘soul of India’…

There is also an excellent sequel called ‘The second best Marigold hotel’

This short video is a phenomenal introduction into the profound meanings of the small everyday things in Indian life. It will blow your mind! The tiniest, seemingly most insignificant thing has a deep spiritual meaning! EVERYTHING in that culture has a meaning, a reason, a highly profound purpose. This will be a common thread throughout this program. Nothing is ‘just’ for decoration…

The Soul of India in books

The are the true India books for me. Not just the story, but they convey the feeling of sweetness and gentleness and openess and faith, and power and strength of a culture that is truly alien to many of us.
It’s not just a different world, it’s a different planet.
Physically, mentally and emotionally.
Read them now or in the future, but read them!


I spent 30 years so that you don’t have to!

I am here for you!