How to get the most out of this program / 4 month Challenge / Cookbook / Hourly Reminder CM

Program Set-Up and how to get the most out of this program

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How to get the most out of this program

The 12 week (or life) CHALLENGE

The fabulous Hourly Reminder App

Download the ‘Hourly Reminder’ app onto your phone and set to hourly reminders for any ‘daily practical applications’ in the course as I suggest it… “stop”, “breathe”, “take three deep breaths and smile”, …
It can speak your reminders out loud and it stays active even if you switch off the app, and it ALWAYS notifies. I have it speak to me no matter what, even during calls –  It’s fabulously annoying  – so it actually works!
You might have to switch of airplane mode and battery savings first, switch on the app, then you can switch the others back on again.


Recommended Reading

Why You Don’t Need Shoes – Please do not share this link, as it is usually paid material 🙂

Download e-book Book Here

To purchase a paper copy, type in Why You Don’t Need Shoes into google to give you the nearest retailer. Amazon does ship it.

If you would like fabulous VEGAN FOOD Inspiration...


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