Kundalini 4 – Mula Bandha


Lesson #1:​

Mula Bandha

Mula Bandha

You often find images of where Mula Bandha is, but ineffective ways to apply it, or manners that have unwanted side effects

Mula Bandha Meditation

-> Please write and submit notes on your experiences during this meditation to discuss in our call.

For your entertainment, here are a couple of fabulous pictures I found when I looked for Mula Bandha images…

Mula Bandha for Women

Mula Bandha for Men



Do the Mula Bandha Meditation 5 minutes a day for a three days, then the complete meditation including Jalandhara Bandha (which you will learn in lesson 2) afterwards, for a further 3 days or, if you choose (!) for 5 minutes a day till the end of the program… (or forever)… Increase the duration as and when desired.

-> Best thing: wake up, pee, wash face, drink water, meditate. Like this you can’t come up with any excuses :o)   aaaannnddd… you gotta wear a similar white thong like the yogi above,…. and not to forget… it never works without the monkey.

Please note: Please watch the Jalandhara Videos in lesson 2 even though you won’t start practicing this part until after the 3 days of Mula Bandha Meditation has been completed.

Please truly practice the Mula Bandha Meditation before you practice the final Jalandhara included meditation. I want you to be able to do the Mula Bandha bit in your sleep, so that you can really focus on the next step with ease and really experience what I would like you to.
-> Please continue with the module as you are doing your meditations. You do NOT have to wait to continue.


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