Bone Compression vs Muscle Tension – change the way you think about asana


Lesson #2:

Compression and Tension

This will change the way you experience your own body and the way you look at asana as a whole!


The glorious Paul Grilley at what he is best

As you are watching the video, do the excercises along with Grilley and his models in front of the mirror or video yourself and watch it afterwards. You will be amazed by what you did not know about your body and how it affects the way you (can) do postures. Things about your practice will become very clear over the next few weeks if not straight away during this video.

The video is an hour long and has a lot of information in it. I suggest taking notes. Read the assignment at the end of this module first to give you an idea of what to watch out.


1 ) Please summarize the concepts of compression and tension.
2)  Summarize each section of the Grilley video and give suggestions of postures that are affected by compression (additional to the ones that Grilley is mentioning in the video)
3) Grilley does not talk about it in this video, but please have a ponder which postures you feel can be affected by PROPORTION – i.e. proportion of the upper body to the lower body, arms in relation to the upper body and length of legs. Do a bunch of postures that you know and imagine if you’d have shorter legs or arms or upper body etc how that would change the posture and your experience of it.
Note down your observations. Please do not look this up on the internet! This is not about you giving me a correct answer, but about you learning to explore your body and feel how it works.
It’s always useful to feel what others feel too, as this gives you more of an understanding of anatomy as a whole and in turn gives you a deeper insight into your own body and it’s capabilities.
Submit the assignments at least 24-48hrs before our next call. The more time you give me to look at it the better as it allows me to prepare a review for the call.


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