ACTION LIST Ahimsa and Posture CM

Action List

1.   Complete the assignments in the Ahimsa module and submit.

Begin your nourishing journal (a small notebook to be carried with you always). Write from the beginning in a list what nourishes you, makes you happy, you content and peaceful, what you like, what works for you.
Begin from the back of the book and write down what doesn’t work for you, what doesn’t nourish you, what stresses you, what is not good for you, what does not make you happy etc.
Add to the lists whenever things come up throughout the day, no matter how little… food, clothes, hot water, sun, friendly neighbors, the new toothpaste… see? I mean really write down everything without sensoring.

Start a journal just for your most important realizations.

– Write Ahimsa on the back of your hand and make a commitment, that every time you see it, you will check in if your past actions/speech/thoughts were in alignment with Ahimsa. If not, think about how you could have ‘done it better’ and decide how you will do it different in the future. Write important realizations into your WOW journal.

– Do the same thing with your posture. Write ‘posture’ on your hand and check in. If you have physical challenges, just become more aware and see if you can make tiny tweaks.

If you are a person who tends to forget these things, put a post-it on the fridge or the mirror to remind you to write on your hand.
REMEMBER, ONLY THE ‘DOING IT’, WILL GIVE YOU TRUE TRANSFORMATION… the ‘just thinking about it’ or ‘forgetting it’ – WON’T!
5.   Note down any questions/comments for this module to discuss on our next call
Please submit all assignments at least 24-48 hrs before the coaching calls, if you would like to discuss them.


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