Lesson #4

Action List

1.  Write down all questions or comments that came up during any of the videos in this module to discuss during our call.
2.  Practice the sun salutations (at least 1 round left and right) daily, as well as the 5 Tibeteans.
3. I highly recommend to start to video yourself as you are doing Yoga and review it afterwards. You might notice many surprising little things, especially as you proceed with the program. You will learn to self-correct yourself visually. You can also practice in front of a mirror or a large reflective window (at night with a black background they can make great mirrors).
3.   Start to incorporate the asana teachings you receive throughout the program into the preliminary practices as and when they fit in.
4. We can either go through them during the call, or you can video yourself and we can then watch it together when we chat.


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