Lesson #3:

The 5 TIBETANS or is it 6?

The 5 Tibeteans Intro

I hope you enjoy the sound of the rain in the background of this video.

The 1st Tibetean

–   I recommend to follow along the videos and do the postures as I teach them, pausing the videos whenever necessary, as well as writing down any questions that might come up.

–   You can either film yourself practicing the 5 Tibeteans so that we can go through them together during our next call, or if you prefer, I can watch you live during the call.

–   Even if you have done the 5 Tibeteans before, please watch the videos anyway, as I might teach them different to how you know them. Additionally I explain for each posture why it’s so benefical ….. and then of course, there is the 6th Tibetean…

The 2-5th Tibetean

The unknown 6th Tibeteans

Please watch the video carefully, as the practice of this 6th Tibetean has phenomenal effects, but can also can really mess with your life if you do not know it’s consequences or how and when to practice it. This is not a joke!


I spent 30 years so that you don’t have to!

I am here for you!