Lesson #2:

The Art of Standing

Tadasana - Mountain Pose

Kailash Mountain, located in Tibet, places a special place in Indian Hinduism. It is said that Lord Shiva sits on Kailash Mountain. The Kailash mountain of 6,600 meters is less than any secret for the people of western countries. Mount Kailash is quite famous in the former culture. On Kailash Mountain, there are many such secrets about whom the devotees need to know. Kailash Mountain is considered to be the home of Lord Shiva and it is near the tributaries of Indus, Brahmaputra, Ganga. It is believed that Kailash Mountain is the center of the Himalayas.

I went there many many years ago. The spirituality is thick enough that you can feel it. You could cut it with a knife. It is truly awe inspiring. I sat meditating in Milarepas cave, offering the shawl the Dalai Lama gave me, that had kept me save during many perils. Getting lost in a deathly snowstorm just being one of them. Milarepa had guided me for so many years. Sitting in his cave (a 1x1metre hole in the rock), gave me a new appreciation for his strength of practice, belief and spiritual accomplishment. He sat in this cave meditating for 7 years! In a loin cloth! In the Himalayas. Besides sitting for 7 years, which is nuts, the Himalayas are kind of cold. Ice, snow… I was cold and I had state of the art clothing. He was nearly naked.

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Tadasana - Mountain Pose

Going through standing with a model

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