Overview of Module 2


Lesson #1:

Introduction to the preliminary practices and how to use them

Sun Salutations and the 5 Tibeteans

In this module I introduce you to a preliminary Yoga practice, which I recommend you doing daily.

Please note: In the sun salutation videos, I am ONLY giving you the sequences. I am NOT yet explaining the postures whatsoever yet.

For the 5 Tibeteans, I will give you basic details on how to perform the postures and their benefits. Later on in the program I will go over each posture again, and give you more precise instructions, as we have discussed the principles of various postures. There is a point to this, so please be patient.

For now practice each posture of the Sun Salutations the way you normally would, and the 5 tibeteans how I showed them, and then start to incorporate the teachings you receive throughout the program into the preliminary practices as and when they fit in.

Please, really do these practices, as there is a great significance for both, which will be explained further.

As a quick amusing side note: ….. I ALWAYS walk barefoot, so my feet are usually not super clean. Please be amused, rather than offended, when you see a ‘healthy outdoors foot’      :o)


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