CM The Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri Mantra is hailed as one of the most important and significant mantras in Indian culture.
Mantras are not just random words chanted for entertainment, but they have supremely profound meanings. Each Mantra has it’s very own specific vibration and thus energetic and thus spiritual effects.
This stuff is real. These are not just stories. You can profoundly alter your states of consciousness by singing or changing mantras.
The video below (“Gayatri Mantra with fascinating explanations”) is one of my favorite versions of the gayatri mantra together with it’s in depth spiritual explanation of each word. I will not test you on this, you do not have to learn the meanings.
*  What I recommend, is to watch the video (it’s nearly 1 3/4 hours long) over a few sittings and just listen and let the significance of each word and the beautiful melody sink into your being. I just want you to realize… : “wooow… they really thought about this….”. Understand the hugeness of the spiritual connection with the words. Don’t get hung up on the details.
Everything in vedic culture is DREANCHED with meaning and significance. NOTHING is in accident. And EVERYTHING is about BECOMING ONE, RAISING AWARENESS AND CONSICOUSNESS AND HOW TO DO THAT. – even something so simple as their alphabet or the stories they tell or the songs they sing…
*   I then recommend to play this mantra every morning while you get ready and sing along (you can choose between the song in the video and another version below. Below you will also find the words to the mantra).
*   IMPORTANT! KEEP SINGING THE MANTRA TROUGHOUT THE DAY WITH THE WORDS for a minimum of 3 days. If possible out loud, if not, do it quietly in your head.
            —>>> TO REMEMBER: Write ‘Gayatri’ or ‘chant’ or something to that effect on your hand. Make an active commitment to chant the mantra whenever you see it for how long you remember. Don’t beat yourself up if you forget, just begin again when you remember or see the note on your hand.
If you work or do things mentally, start whenever you have a break in your thoughts.

Finish this lesson, but

Do NOT continue with the next Lesson until you have completed the 3 days of mantra chanting

Sanskrit script and (basic) pronunciation

You can use this melody of the Gayatri Mantra:

Or this one:
This version is a video that also has fascinating explanations


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