1.     Week 1 – booking your 30 min KICK-OFF CALL
–   Please book this call within the first week of you joining this program. In this call we go over the GETTING STARTED MODULE, where you are at, any questions regarding logistics you might have, this program, the quick start guide and the Intake Form, which you can find in the GETTING STARTED MODULE.
    -> PLEASE BE SURE TO SUBMIT THE INTAKE FORM AT LEAST 24-48 hrs before this call – with the subject line your NAME and KICKOFF
2.    Week 2 – FIRST Coaching Call and onwards

–   Once you have completed the exercises in Module 1, you can book your first coaching call and the calls beyond, I usually recommend to book the 1st coaching call around the end of the second week of the program, to give you enough time to work on module 1 and that we can discuss it during our call.

-> IMPORTANT: When scheduling your 1st COACHING call, please SCHEDULE A MINIMUM OF A 2 CALLS IN ADVANCE, if at all possible always the same weekday and time. You can change the times with your next set of calls if neccessary.
Remember to always book your next set of 2 when the time comes!
If you would like to book your calls for your entire program, that is fine too.
-> for your FIRST COACHING CALL, please submit the Module 1 assignments 24-48hrs beforehand, so that we can discuss them  – with the subject line your NAME and MODULE 1.
4.      Scheduling for all calls
As many students are international, the best way to book calls is to contact Xian to find the time that fits best into your life.
IMPORTANT: Please try to stick to your call times as much as possible throughout the program, as that allows me to also plan my own life :o)
IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND A CALL, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AT LEAST 48rs IN ADVANCE and we can try to reschedule. If you do not let me know, the call will be counted as one of your calls and cannot be rescheduled.


All Calls take place via ZOOM. The ZOOM link for the call will be in the scheduling confirmation calendar invite. The password is not always required, but it’s better to have it handy, as sometimes randomly it asks for it.
3.       Assignments
Please submit ALL your assignments/questionnaires to the following e-mail, (SUBJECT: your NAME, MODULE and ASSIGNMENT TITLE
To discuss an assignment on a coaching call, please send the assignment at least 48hours before the call, so that I have enough time to look at it properly.
4.       Urgent Support
Note: Please do not misuse this contact.
If you can’t find the answer to a question in the training, please ask the question in your Coaching Call. Please, only if it’s an emergency, you can send an e-mail to with the subject line: Your NAME, ‘QUESTION’, MODULE, SUBJECT
5.        Assignment
If continous messenger support is part of your program, it is available Tuesday to Friday.
Under the profile picture just click on send message. After that we will be connected in your normal messenger window.
This support is for any program or life questions that cannot wait to the next call.


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