Lesson #3


When I lived in Thailand, I did a 10 day Vipassana retreat.
Complete silence, one meal a day, get up at 430, sleep at 9:30pm, wooden bed, wooden pillow, no eye contact with anyone, no interaction whatsoever. ALL DAY LONG MEDITATING.
One of the most profound excercises I did, that really changed the way I looked at myself, life and reality, was a meditation on IMPERMANENCE. I invite you to do the same.
If you can,
1) Make this a retreat for yourself. Dedicate a day for yourself alone, and for the ENTIRE DAY repeat over and over in your mind: ‘this is impermanent’. You can make a recording for yourself, write it on your hand, put post-its everywhere, whatever helps you to remember to repeat those few words all day long.
Any thought that comes to your mind, no matter what subject matter, remind yourself that it is impermanent.
2) If you cannot do it for an entire day, I invite you to do this for the entire week whenever you can, during a dedicated time you set aside without disturbances (minimum 30 min)
3) NO matter if you do 1) or 2), contemplate the nature of impermanence all day long for this week (by by always having it in your mind). Contemplate it’s SIGNIFICANCE for yourself, your life, and for each item that is realized to be ‘impermanent’ during your retreat/meditation
3) Note down any realizations, observations, insights for our call


I spent 30 years so that you don’t have to!

I am here for you!