CM Eye Gazing

Eye Gazing

This is a phenomenal practice for increasing intimacy, trust and presence with your partner or yourself, or even with friends.

This is another one of these excercises which seem so simple, but which can be truly life changing.

Eye gazing can be done before sexual intercourse, or at any other time, with another person or by yourself by looking into a mirror.

All you need to do is sit opposite one another, and look into each other’s eyes (or stare into your own eyes) for a minimum of ten minutes. If it’s hard, you can start with 5 minutes, but I recommend going all the way with 10.

I encourage you to write down all thoughts, feelings, sensations, impressions, insights etc down as soon as possible afterwards. If possible talk to the other person about your experiences, or if alone analyse your feedback.

You might be surprised. I will not give more away. If you want to discuss anything that came up, I’m happy to chat about it in our calls.

I recommend

1) 10 min with yourself in the mirror

2) 10 min with your partner if you have one

3) 10 min with a family member

4) 10 min with a close male friend

5) 10 min with a close female friend



I spent 30 years so that you don’t have to!

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