Extremely significant exercise – PART III


Lesson #4:

The doing nothing exercise


Where did this exercise come from?

I lived for 10 years in a very conscious community in Thailand. Many travellers passed by and we were teaching a lot. One of my friends advertised a ‘do nothing’ workshop and many people came. When it was time to start, he wasn’t there yet. People started to get fidgety and nervous, some angry because nothing was happening and they had wasted their time coming. After about 1/2 hr my friend entered and sat quietly in the front of the room.
At first nobody said anything then people started to speak up. “When do we start?” “What are we doing?” “Why are you late?” “You could at least apologize.” etc.
My friend kept sitting at the front of the room.
Some people started to leave, others fumed but stayed, others just stared… until one guy stood up, laughed out loud and said: “Brilliant! Thank you this was awesome!”
Please contemplate and explain your understanding of this experiment and it’s impact on you. Submit.


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