Lesson #5:


Before we get into the exercises, I want to briefly speak about how powerful they can be. 
All of us have beliefs, some of them serve us and some of them do not. 
When we take the time to sit down and write out all the beliefs we have on a subject like money and business, we begin to see more clearly how our thoughts have created our reality. 
Once you identify the beliefs that are no longer serving you, you now have the opportunity to let them go.
If you remain open during this exercise, it can be very transformative. 
Please make sure to download the document before you fill it in, as it’s in a shared drive and can be accesed by all students

Optional extra 'beliefs' excercise by Tony Robbins

If you feel you found something interesting in the previous exercises and you want to go deeper. You can listen to this audio by Tony Robbins.
The title of this video and part of the content is about beliefs around ‘money’. Please replace the word money with anything that came up for you in the previous exercises. This is an extraordinarily powerful talk by a phenomenal speaker on uncovering and letting go of beliefs about anything.
You can do the exercise he suggests in your own time. It is NOT part of the assignments that need to be submitted.

Once you've completed MODULE 1:

Please submitt all assigments as per the action list for this module.


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