Action List

  1. If you haven’t done so yet, go through ALL the TOOLS you have created so far, and all the practices you have learned so far (you can just go through the index to remind you) and put them on a list. What is it, what are the specific effects, what do you use them for, what do you do and how.
  2. If there are more blueprints you discovered throughout the program, now is the time, as you still have the opportunity to discuss them with me if you like.
This is a vital piece of homework… our mind is a fickle thing. We always think we remember, but habits are easy to kick back in. Let’s make sure that you have your toolkit forever ready. Remember that in the future you can also combine tools or use them as a basis to create new ones.
The submission of this assignment is optional.
If you would like to discuss the content,
please submit 24-48 hours in advance of our call


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