Lesson #7

Action List

1.   Complete and submit:
*  The assignments in the Satya module (Lesson #1) and the little questions I asked you throughout the video
*  Write a list of reasons WHY you have been lying
*  Make a list of conditioning that you are still carrying with you and how they are still affecting you (as I mentioned at the end of the the Satya II)
*  Write down your negative thought patterns and negative self talk with regards to Satya…
Continue with your Nourishing Journal from the previous module, and the WOW journal for your most important realizations.

– Write Satya on the back of your hand and make a commitment, that every time you see it, you will check in if your past actions/speech/thoughts towards yourself and others were in alignment with Satya. If not, think about how you could have ‘done it better’ and decide how you will do it different in the future. Write important realizations, ideas, ways of remembering or doing it ‘better’ and actions to be done into your WOW journal.
If you are a person who tends to forget these things, put a post-it on the fridge or the mirror to remind you to write on your hand.
REMEMBER, ONLY THE ‘DOING IT’, WILL GIVE YOU TRUE TRANSFORMATION… the ‘just thinking about it’ or ‘forgetting it’ – WON’T!
4.   Note down any questions/comments for this module to discuss on our next call, including your answers after the Nadhi Shodhana.
5.  Draw your stick figures for Pashimotanasana and practice it according to the ‘how to get the most out of the asana modules’ / and the stick figure video.
6. Submit a picture of your stick figure drawing
7. From now on, check in all your yoga postures… : is it a stretching sensation, or a tensing sensation??
8. Write with permanent marker on your mat: 70% rule, 20 second rule, relax!
Please submit all assignments at least 24-48 hrs before the coaching calls, if you would like to discuss them.


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