Action List


Lesson #0:

Action List

1.       Take careful notes during these videos, as as part of the assignment for this module is to create your own sequences. I will look over your sequences and give suggestions. Please do no make simple mistakes just because you didn’t watch the videos carefully enough. To make this easier I do summarize what to watch out for several times throughout. You might need to watch the videos a couple of times, to really have it all sink in.

Remember, if you do this properly, this will change the way you ever think about your yoga practice and how it will feel forever. If you skip through it too fast just to complete the assignment, it’ll stay theory and you’ll never get the full benefit of my teachings.

2.       Note down all the assignement pieces suggested during the videos to discuss and any questions that came up. If you have calls with me, feel free to send me messenger messages beforehand in case you need to clarify anything. The videos are very thorough though and should cover all of your questions.

3.      Create two sequences for yourself, for your level and your interst. Really make sure that you double check all the aeas mentioned in the videos. Make more sequences if you want to. You can also submitt some cycles if you like. But I would like to see at least two sequences to make sure you understood the process and can translate it into practice.

Please submit all assignments at least

48 hrs

before the coaching calls, if you would like to discuss them.

I need time to look at them properly!


I spent 30 years so that you don’t have to!

I am here for you!