Action List


Lesson #6:

Action List


1.    Note and submitt: Any comments, experiences, realiziations, opinions, ideas, inspirations etc that came to you during the ’13 Ways to enlighenment’ lecture in lesson 1. Please note if and how this lecture will/might affect your practice and life

2.   Posture Experiment Assignment from Lesson 2 of this module:

This and the next module have several more chest openers in them. Before watching the videos, please have a look if you can figure out by yourself how to do the:

  1. Cat Cow
  2. Low Lunge (with the back knee on the ground and the hands on the floor)
  3. Pidgeon (high and low)
  4. Warrior 1 or Exhulted Warrior (front leg bend or straight)
  5. Bridge

I would like you to do the posture, feel into your body and then see if you can figure out ‘how would Xian do this’?

Look at every body part, from your toes up to your finger tips, applying all concepts learned so far, feeling into your body, how could you improve the posture, make your breathing better, no discomfort, full body involvement, full stretch, elongation, what is the point of the posture etc.

Do that with each of the above postures and make a note of your insights before continuing with this module. 

Please see lesson 2 for images of the postures if you need.


3.   Draw your stickfigures once you have watched the videos. I recommend you draw them without looking at the images of the postures that I give before each video. Like this you will really learn as you are drawing from memory and understanding, rather than just from copying.

Please submit all assignments at least 24-48 hrs before the coaching calls, if you would like to discuss them.


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