Action List #2


Lesson #7:

Action List

1.   Continue the full Kundalini Meditation for however long you like (a life time even). You can increase the time if you like. If anything comes up, or you want to/need to talk to me about any of your experiences, I’m always here for you. Also after the program!

2.   Please write and submit notes on your experiences during all asanas, aswell as your stickfigures.

3.   Continue practicing these asanas this new way, also as part of the 5 Tibeteans and the sun salutations.

4.   Write down any impressions, sensations, reactions after listening to the 1st part of the ’13 way to enlightenment’ lecture, and how you feel these lectures might (or might not) affect/change you life.

Please submit all assignments at least 24-48 hrs before the coaching calls, if you would like to discuss them.


I spent 30 years so that you don’t have to!

I am here for you!