YAMAS AND NIYAMAS – Aparigraha, Saucha, Santosha, Svadyaya, Tapas, Ishwara Prahidanani


YAMAS Aparigraha

NIYAMAS Saucha, Santosha, Svadyaya, Tapas, Ishwara Prahidanani

Please start today with just 5min of closing your eyes, bringing  energy up and down your spine, and applying Shambhavi and Kechari Mudra.

Then continue with the lesson.


NIYAMAS Saucha, Santosha, Svadyaya, Tapas, Ishwara Prahidanani


NIYAMAS II Santosha II, Svadyaya, Tapas, Ishwara Prahidanani

I'd just like to add a little something to Ishwara Prahidanani - Self surrender to the divine

Many many years ago, through crazy co-incidences, that included me having an intuition that I need to do the Kala Chakra initiation (never heard of it, no idea what it was), and to go to India for it, me booking a flight from Thailand for the next day. Sitting on the plane and sitting next to a Lama and his companion who just happened both to go to the place where the Kala chakra iniation was taking place, in a completely far away, remote, otherwise not easily reachable area of India. It was an event held by the Dalai Lama with 70,000 Tibeteans present, who had risked their lives (actually) by WALKING accross the HIMALAYAS to see their religious head of their country (who had to flee to India in 1949). This was not a tourist event.
So I found myself in the humble presence of the Dalai Lama. I will never forget the look on his face when he came up on the balcony to talk to everyone. He looked like the most pleased happy grandfather, absolutely tickled and delighted to see his favorite grandchildren. Soooo full of love.
There were lectures, not on theory, but practical application of tibetean buddhism into evvery day life. It is a life philosophy, not a religion. He was funny, intelligent and simply endearing. What a wonderful man and experience.
Then we came to the initiation. He said he will appear in our dreams and if he appears to you, you are to take this initiation. Well, I dreamed of him in full color. Next day I took the Boddhisatva vow. It’s to forgoe your own elightenment, until everybody else has attained that state. Your life from then moment on is of service. You also had to forgoe any kind of vices, alcohol, sex, anger etc etc (this is just a very small summary of a very profound concept).
I thought about this really well. I said to the divine… alcohol and sex? No, but if you’ll have me without that,.. YES! :o)    I wasn’t drinking at the time anymore, but I did not want to commit myself to no other than the Dalai Lama with a VOW and then fall back on it I knew what my limits were and what I knew I could actually follow through.
I really thought about this, did I really want t do this. For somebody who was truly seeking self-realization an enlightenment, this is a pretty big deal… EVERYBODY ELSE FIRST??? Honestly though, it wasn’t even a choice. I KNEW that is why I was there. I mean, I had a message in my head and booked a plane ticket to then get my personal escort service straight to the door, was a pretty obvious sign if there ever was one!
So I took it. So, now lets talk about surrendering to the divine…. :o)
Sure, this is a little drastic for most people. But, that is what happens when you start to become one. You are guided, you know what your life direction is. I mean I spend 7 years writing my book Why You Don’t Need Shoes afterwards, a handbook for a new humankind. The steps for everybody to gain presence and nowness…. I’m doing whatever I can to get people ‘there’.
Funny though, I never doubted that this is what I needed to do. It was what I was doing anyway. It’s my path, it’s just what feels right. It was never a struggle. I have given so many years on fullterm study and experimentation and then teaching and writing it down for the book, for my retreats and teacher trainings and now in this course. It’s always been about learning myself and passing the best on to others. To make their path faster, easier and with less obstacles.
So if we are talking about surrendering to the divine, this is the extreme version. If you read my book, you will learn about a more gentle path to self-realization.

Why do you not Need Shoes? Because when you become one with everything (enlightenment/self-realized), then nothing will hurt you anymore, as nothing will hurt itself!

All of the Yamas and Niyamas are about a vow to consciousness, a vow to awareness, to becoming more present. Aware of who we are, how we act and interact and how we can make that more deliberate, conscious, sweet, gentle and kind.
Just by making that decision, the universe suddenly takes notice of you. You will receive more guidance…. Like attracts like…


Finishing Meditation

Please find yourself a quiet spot and do this mediation if you can immediately after the last video. It will only take 5-7minutes.


Look into the mirror and repeat the following several times every morning and every evening



1.  What was your first impression of the lectures?
2.  What stood out the most for you?
3.  Make lists of all areas of the Niyamas in your life you feel could do with some work, what could do with changing
4. Make a list of ways of how you can start to make changes, how you can stop self sabotaging yourself
5. Make a list of ways to implement the Yamas and Niyamas into your everyday life
6. Read the above wow every day in the morning and in the evening


I spent 30 years so that you don’t have to!

I am here for you!