AHIMSA – nonviolence to others and self – CM

Philosophy of Life, New Ways of Thinking
and Self-Discovery


Now is the time to start flushing out more of your subconscious, to make you think about areas of yourself and life that you might have never thought about, or that you might have brushed under the carpet. Besides flushing out, the aim is to begin to make you more aware of yourself, and your interaction with life and others.

Ahimsa is a yogic concept. As I mentioned in the GETTING STARTED module, please do not worry if eastern philosophy is not your ‘thing’ 🙂 I use stories, references and various philosophies to help you think in a new and different way. I do not intend to convert you 🙂

If it is your ‘thing’, be assured that you will be introduced to a whole new depth of learning and directly experiencing.

I recommend that you just listen to the lectures and do not take notes. Listen to it, really take it in.

Often if we take notes, we miss bits as we are writing.
Then watch a second time and stop for taking notes,.
Each individual lecture has a lot of information. Watching them several times, now and in the future, really helps for the information to sink in, to hear things you didn’t hear the first time round, or to remind yourself of the concepts and how to apply them to everyday life.
Remember, the point is to listen and take it in, not to tick of the TO DO list or have knowledge hidden in your notebook.


Ahimsa I
Non-harming to others

Non-harming to Self




– Please write down any questions or comments that come up throughout the video to discuss on our call
Begin your nourishing journal (a small notebook to be carried with you always). Write from the beginning in a list what nourishes you, makes you happy, you content and peaceful, what you like, what works for you.
Begin from the back of the book and write down what doesn’t work for you, what doesn’t nourish you, what stresses you, what is not good for you, what does not make you happy etc.
Add to the lists whenever things come up throughout the day, no matter how little… food, clothes, hot water, sun, friendly neighbors, the new toothpaste… see? I mean really write down everything without sensoring.

Start a journal just for important realizations.


– Write Ahimsa on the back of your hand and make a comittment that everytime you see it, you will check in if your past actions/speech/thoughts, were in alignment with Ahimsa. If not, think about it how you could have ‘done it better’ and decide how you will do it different in the future. Write important realizations into your WOW journal.

Written assignment to be submitted:
– What did you think about the Ahimsa lecture
– What stood out for you and why?
– Where and how are you judging yourself openly to others or inwards?
– What are the negative things you are telling yourself about yourself? About who you are or not, what you are or not, how you are or not…
– Were you inspired to make changes for your life? If so what are they?
– How do you intend to make these changes
– What is standing in your way to make these changes (mental/emotional/physical/life)
– How do you intend to overcome these changes?


I spent 30 years so that you don’t have to!

I am here for you!