Yoga Master Coaching Program

An extraordinary and Unique




You're A Yogi

(any level, complete beginner to accomplished teacher)

You're looking to:

  go truly deep into Yoga asana and spirituality

  really embody yogic teachings as a lifestyle

  get away from the FAST-FOOD yoga world

  Truly transform your entire being along the Yogic path

Then stop going to Yoga classes, retreats and teacher trainings!

Ooohhh... did I just say that??



Mental, Emotional and Physical

through the path of Yoga

Deepen your Practice beyond your wildest dreams

Take Yoga and Life to the

next level

Discover the exquisiteness that Yoga

was always meant to be

and discover it's true purpose

(which was not to spend hours on a mat)

Read on if you want to discover another way!

Do you feel

... EXHAUSTED with trawling classes, retreats and google, trying to find true depth to asana and yogic spirituality? And you're always left with a 'now what?'

... FRUSTRATED with not seeing any progress in your spiritual practice even though you have been putting in the work for months and even years?

... FED UP with not being able to maintain a state of balance, presence, peace, contentment, happiness and true presence during daily life?

... DISCOURAGED (as a beginner) that you cannot keep up with the teacher and the others in your yoga class because you can't do the postures like 'poster girl'?

... TIRED of feeling pain or discomfort in your body during class or life that is preventing you from moving with ease and enjoying your life?

... BORED with generic classes that are not tailored for YOUR body?

... STUCK because your meditation practice is just not getting you the results you were hoping for?

... CONFUSED because you are sure that something is just missing (physically and spiritually) in what you are being taught, but you can't figure out what it is or where to find it?

... EXHAUSTED with trawling classes, retreats and google, trying to find true depth to asana and yogic spirituality? And you're always left with a 'now what?'

... FRUSTRATED with not seeing any progress in your spiritual practice even though you have been putting in the work for months and even years?

... FED UP with not being able to maintain a state of balance, presence, peace, contentment, happiness and true presence during daily life?

... DISCOURAGED (as a beginner) that you cannot keep up with the teacher and the others in your yoga class because you can't do the postures like 'poster girl'?

... TIRED of feeling pain or discomfort in your body during class or life that is preventing you from moving with ease and enjoying your life?

... BORED with generic classes that are not tailored for YOUR body?

... STUCK because your meditation practice is just not getting you the results you were hoping for?

... CONFUSED because you are sure that something is just missing (physically and spiritually) in what you are being taught, but you can't figure out what it is or where to find it?

Imagine If Instead

.. you would learn and apply that the feeling of peace, content, balance and connectedness that you feel in your yoga class and during meditation does not have to be a 'momentary' experience only, but could be reality all throughout the day?

.. you would have found more depth to asana and yogic spirituality than you ever hoped for?

.. you would have found ways to practically apply it to your everyday life in an enjoyable and straight forward way that does not take hours of practice?

.. therefore your Mind would feel peaceful and calm and clear and balanced and grounded? Even off the mat?

.. your Emotions would be steady and stable and strong all day long?

.. you would have a practical tool set to deal with ANYTHING life presents to you?

.. you would have learned more about your body than you ever imagined possible?

.. your BODY would feel luscious, and open and flexible and strong and pain/discomfort free and healthy and vital and powerful and awake

.. your most favorite Yoga postures could feel a million times more fabulous?

.. your ENERGY CHANNELS would be completely opened to allow life force energy to flood your system any minute of the day?

.. you (as a teacher) stand out miles from others due to your incredibly depth of knowledge and experience?

    -> What would finding all of that in one place feel like? What would all of that be worth to you?

I know, that sounds too good to be true right?

That's what I thought too.


If you ever open the spiritual sciptures, that is what they are all about

- help with all aspects of 'yourself', your body and life.


It's just that most Yogis, even teachers have not learned this yet.

And now Imagine ..

.. if you would have Competent, expert support available to you'd need to guide you, help you and actually make All this happen for you?

Hi, I'm Xian

Founder of Yoga Master

All of the points above are exactly what I have made my life mission to teach. This is not a fad or wishful thinking, but my lives work of over 30 years! Tried and tested and proven with countless students.

My mission is to demystify the art of yoga and it's teachings and make it as accessible and practical as possible to my students, so that they can experience true and lasting transformation.

My favorite thing is when established yogis look at me and say: "wow, I had no idea" or "amazing, that feels so much better, I didn't know that was possible" - or when a beginner says: "Finally! That helps so much!"

I'm known to be straight to the point, exquisitely intuitive and truly knowledgeable through my own first hand experience of EVERYTHING that I teach. I do not regurgitate other people's information, but have learned through over 30 years of trial and error and intense, constant and passionate practice.

I had to do all of that, so that you don't have to. Instead I can help you cut through the clutter and get to your goal in the most effective and fastest way possible.

Less time invested = more goals being achieved

I can't wait to help you get to the: "Wow, I had no idea, this is fabulous" state!

I am an internationally trained, practiced and accredited Hatha Yoga Teacher, AcroYoga teacher, Public Speaker, Life Coach, Business graduate, Reiki Master, Martial Artist, Psychic, Intuitive, psychology student, acrobat, circus performer, trapeze artist, clown, fire dancer, founder/owner of the former Ahimsa Yoga Ashram and author of the book Why You Don't Need Shoes

But whatever I did with my life, in the end, everything always came back to YOGA!

For me Yoga is the key for life. Let me share with you why.

Contrary to what most people think, true spirituality does exist - and it DOESN'T have to take you years to get to your goal.

THE BIGGEST Yoga(& spirituality)


It will take years to see ANY progress..

It might, if your game plan is only to only go to yoga classes or focus on generic fast food Yoga teachings. It will NOT if you follow a step by step, structured Yogic program of physical and personal transformation. Do you have a dream of how to be? Learn how to be it!

If you're 'just  a normal person' you will never reach spiritual heights

It's amazing how alive this myth still is. Let me put it straight: If you put in the work, and if you know what to do and how, you WILL achieve your goals, that's a fact. Physically, mentally, emotionally and in Life! No matter where you are in your practice or how old you are!

doing a teacher training 200 or 500 hrs is the Best for further yoga education

and to really get Deep into yogic spirituality and the Body

If you want to spend a very short amount of time in a huge group, with generic teachings that really do not offer any kind of significant depth, practical life application, personal attention, structured transformational approaches or any kind of 'after service', then a teacher training would be perfect for you. But if you want to actually take Yoga and yourself to the next level and into your everyday life then read on....

.. and the biggest myth of all:

Your daily practice on the mat is the best tool out there to make you into a content  and established Yogi

But why is Just time on the mat not what is going to 'get you there'?

I too thought that the mat was the way to discover the depth of my body and of yogic spirituality. With so many yogis out there talking about how long they meditate or how deep they can go into a stretch, it’s easy to think that 'the mat' is the best way to develop that mental and physical openness, peace, clarity, awareness and connectedness that you are after.

But over 30 years of my own practice, experimentation and teaching in the yoga industry taught me..

..that that's not the case. With Yoga, as with everything in life, it's about quality, not quantity. You can do 10 crappy sun salutations that really don't get your body anywhere, or you can do two, and you reached more physical and mental openness you ever imagined if you are doing it 'right' (whatever that means... read on...)

You can look the best Yogi on the mat, but still have discomfort in your body and be a complete mess in your daily life, no matter your 'level' of back bend capability or how long you can sit cross legged with your eyes closed!

You can sit for hours in meditation, but when you step of the mat, life often just happens again. The crazy mind returns, uncontrolled emotions return and the body is in discomfort again.


You need to Know:

WHAT to do, HOW, and WHEN,

and if it's actually the right thing to do for YOU

For yOUR mind and Your BODY!

And then how to bring what you have learned

into your everyday life


 Unfortunately the fast food yoga world out there focuses on time spend on random meditations, rather than on a structured approach to  actual spiritual and lasting Personal Transformation and change. This is not very useful and will Probably not get you anywhere besides momentary bliss.

Let me explain a bit more. Why would the meditations you are doing not be useful in the long run?

.. as with our Body, our Minds are equally individual. One person does amazing with focusing on 'nothing', another would need an image or a movement to be 'successful'.

.. Many meditations, pranayamas and other practices have very specific uses that most teachers and practitioners are not aware off. Some should be done in a specific sequence to prepare your mind, body and energetic system for the next step. If you aren't taught this, you could jump ahead if you are unlucky and be surprised with a an unexpected side effect that you were not prepared for, or you could just be peddling along with 'beginner' stuff for the rest of your days, never getting anywhere.




many Students struggle with

maintaining that bliss throughout the day permanently.

2) For the BODY:

Unfortunately lots of yoga classes, retreats and teacher trainings focus on generic classes for fundamentally different bodies. This is not very useful and can be also unsafe.

Let me explain a bit more, because it's important

 Not knowing the bone structure of your body and how it can limit movement can cause discomfort or harm to your body

How is that possible:

.. it can lead to injuries during your practice, as you might try to pretzel yourself into a posture, that your body is simply not designed to do (this is not about flexibility, but bones!)

After 30 years, my bridge (chakrasana) still looks like a squashed 'U'!


Because the acromion bone in my shoulder will not allow my arms to go far back enough to make that 'pretty U' shape, and because I will not compress my lower back to make up for that. If you don't know that, you will push your lower back WAAAAYYY to far.. get to 50 years old and have a word with your spine then...

... Or imagine you are constantly rubbing your hip joint sockets by pushing your legs too far for your body ... might that wear down the bones in your Hip joints over the years? ABSOLUTELY!

... if you squish your disks between your vertebrae of your spine with every single movement (as most yogis do - yes, even teachers), could that cause damage to the disks?

This is not a joke. I have worked with countless students that have had injuries from their yogic practice because they did not know this. That includes myself! Not knowing what I was doing before gave me serious SI joint issues. I still have to have constant awareness of that so that it doesn't flare up again.


The proportions of your body can change the way you can do, or look in a posture

How is that possible:

... Imagine two people are doing a standing forward bend... one has really long legs the other has short legs .... who will have it easier to touch their feet? Does that have to do with yogic 'accomplishment' or flexibility, or simply with proportions of the body?


I have yet to meet a Yogi who has experienced a truly open body in an asana

What does that mean?

Most of the time yogis crunch one side of the body to open another...


No matter how much you counterstretch

One side will always be crunched!

It's often not comfortable and more than likely means that energy lines are as much 'squished' as the lungs and spine... bye bye prana, kundalini and spinal disks...


Can you sit comfortably for 1/2 hour or more crosslegged?

If not, you haven't learned how to!


Generic classes are NOT USEFUL..

I found that even  'accomplished' teachers know as little about the individuality of the body as many beginners -

and largely have no idea about

the necessity for personalized teachings

nor are they trained in the art of doing so.

Potential issues many yogis are not aware of:

  Many Yogis, including teachers, push through discomfort, pain and even injury, thinking that doing more yoga will cure their back/knee/shoulder/wrist/ankle pain, often not knowing that it's yoga that is causing it in the first place.

  Students believe if you just keep doing the same posture over and over, you will eventually be able to do it right or go deeper or look like yoga poster girl. Maybe, maybe not. Learning which muscles need to be opened and doing 'preliminary' asana is way more effective and safer - even if it's not so 'cool'

  Students do not understand the sensations that they have in their body. The sensation of tension is often mistaken for a stretch. And... you cannot efficiently stretch a tense muscle...

None of this is necessarily because practicing yoga Asana is harmful,

but because of the way yoga is taught ...

without true understanding of the need for PERSONAIZED, TAILORED and PROFICIENT TEACHINGS from an EXPERIENCED EXPERT TEACHER

that truly knows the body from first hand experience

and from experimenting with countless students

not just from anatomy books!

Instead of trying to look like 'poster yoga chic',

truly learn about your own body, and

learn how to adapt postures so that they feel


and are TRULY

Then you enter the world of Yoga

where your energy lines are open and

you experience your body in a new way

you never thought possible.

That is when you begin to get a glimpse of what

Next Level Yoga

can feel like!

Bottom Line:

I LOVE yoga, otherwise I would have never decided to teach it. It's my life, it's my joy, it's my rock and my best friend. But I feel, that unless Asana, Meditation and all other yoga related practices, as well as it's vast spiritual concepts, are taught and practiced with the breathtaking depth of not commercially taught knowledge, then it will always just stay exercise and momentary bliss rather than a life transforming experience that is permanently achievable for anyone.

That is what i have made my life mission to change!

Yoga is an incredible system of physical, mental and emotional discovery and true and lasting personal transformation

but today's fast food yoga world is not even scratching the surface

  If truly deepening your practice is your goal, you got to be smart about it, otherwise it'll take forever, it'll take a toll on your body now or in the future, or you'll just always just remain meddling around the edges, but never actually get there ...

So if 'unheard of depth' to asana and the discovery of real life, practical spirituality of the yogic teachings is your goal,  instead of trawling the cookie cutter yoga world out there for random disjointed golden nuggets, you're better off choosing a proper, step by step, proven approach, that is tailored to YOUR NEEDS and focused on YOUR goals.

That is exactly what I focus on



even most Yoga teachers DON'T KNOW THAT!


Think about it: If you believe that Yoga was 'downloaded' by an ancient holy sage from the deities of all pervading knowledge, I guess you'd probably listen to what they say?

If on the other hand somebody tells you that the asana side of yoga was mainly 'invented' by an Indian man named Krishnamacharia and put together from two main sources... hold onto your chair...


Would it then not be 100% obvious that you might question saftey, sprituality, personal attention etc in yoga classes?

And that is what I have done for 30 years so that you don't have to

I questioned EVERYTHING. I learned and experienced, and turned it upside down and tried it again till it worked perfectly, effortlessly with maximum effect in as short a time as possible and was fully applicable to everyday life

I learned more through active application, intense practice and trial and error than I could have ever done in ANY class, retreat or teacher training

Then I taught it to countles students, personalized it for every single student until they experienced what I did

My countless student's deep transformation is the confirmation that what I discovered is truly unique and effective




.. Because suddenly you realize that if you do not apply your fabulous posture, open energy lines, full constant constant awareness on your body, and complete discomfort free-ness from your asana practice into every day life, then you are missing out on 23hrs of bliss a day.

.. If you only meditate during your sit down practice, you are also missing out on 23hrs of bliss a day - and contentment and peace and balance and clarity and calm and quiet.

..  If you do not know how to deal with your emotions, behavior, un-nourishing habits and conditioning, relationships and health issues OFF THE MAT, then you are missing out on 23 hours of.... (fill in the words of your choice here   ;o)

this is why I made sure that everything I ever did in Yoga and whatever I teach, is immediately applicable to Real life

With observable and measurable REAL Results

Otherwise, what's the Point right?

If you have the choice between momentary physical and mental bliss just on the matt

or in Everyday life always...


So, if this information is not freely available in commercial Yoga classes, how can I access it?

I'm glad you asked!!

Because that's exactly what makes The Yoga Master Program so special and why my students have had such incredible results.

After many years and years of bumbling along, trying to find 'the real way', I thought there is no chance of ever finding it. I was praying for a guru, a true teacher, and doing countless practices for countless hours (like humming for a week non-stop or staring at a dot for an hour a day) just to see what it does.

But, after I introduced the ONE SIMPLE MINDSET SHIFT that I now teach in the Yoga Master Program, ... suddenly my hopes to implement yoga into everyday life, and to find true connection to my body, myself and the world around me, were achievable and replicable and easily teachable! Let me tell you more...


    In My desire to help others 'get there' too, I developed a practical, enoyable step by step approach to fully personalize yogic asana and spiritual teachings to help you take Yourself and your Yoga practice to the next level, no matter your level, experience, style, size, sex or age

Making Practical, Real-life Mental, Emotional and Physical Freedom through the path of Yoga an achievable Reality for anyone

and most magically of all, It's an approach that does not require hours and hours of practice everyday!

because your life becomes the practice!
That is part of the secret!

    this one simple Understading helped me achieve the goals I have been working on for years on the mat, way way faster!

and that is what you can do too now!

   If you are a COMPLETE BEGINNER, you are in the best hands to truly begin from the bottom up with TAILOR MADE, PERSONAL TEACHINGS, rather than one size fits all fast food yoga classes. 

   If you are an ESTABLISHED YOGI, dive deeper into your body and yogic spirituality than you ever imaged possible. Learn how to truly take yoga off the mat with practical spiritual blueprints fully based on the yogic path.

   If you are an ESTABLISHED TEACHER, get a depth of knowledge to Asana you never thought possible, dive deep into a new side of philosophy and spirituality and and be inspired to pass that on to your students. Finally truly stand out with your incredible new knowledge and offerings. I have had teachers of 30 years be amazed by what they didn't know!! I contradict every single yoga anatomy book out there. This is a Yoga Revolution - ... and every single bit of it makes perfect sense once you experience it in your own body. You'll see.

Come and join me on a truly extraordinary journey into the exquisiteness that Yoga was always meant to be!

If you are at all curious to discover a completely new world of Yoga, no matter your level, experience, size, age or sex, then read on ...

The unique Yoga Master method stands on
three key components:

Highly Personalized teachings

Full accountabilty so you do the work


1 on 1


With the focus for all practices to be




Straight Forward and simple to do

Directly applicable to life

All packet into

A Focussed, Coherent

step by step


With continuos Private coaching

video calls

and a fascinating on-line program

All based on your First hand experience

Instead of just information dowload!

  I believe in a FOCUSED APPROACH with real Long term results
rather than just 'momentary feel good' Practices
= less time invested
= much bigger effect

These components mean the perfect balance between my uniquely in depth teaching approach and your highly personal requirements, all in a structured and proven container which support you to actually progress and feel results immediately!

This will ensure the least amount of time invested and real tangible results

Yoga = Life (style)

why the Yoga Master

Coaching Program

works so well


The Yoga Master Program goes into the essence of asana and spirituality. Don't expect a cookie cutter approach or just a selection of random yoga stretches or practices but expect to go beyond anything you have found ANYWHERE! This approach has been tested and been proven extraordinarily successful by me and my students.


With The Yoga Master Program, you are not wasting your time with general information or practices that don't serve you. Instead, we will CUSTOMIZE asana, REVIEW practices and DISCUSS your needs, TAILOR content and support you even outside of your comfort zone, to help you find the magic. Say goodbye to long asana practices, meditation sessions and lectures that don't bring you the results you are after.

This program is for you if...

  • You are excited about everything you read so far
  • ​You are willing to look at yourself, your practice and life under a microscope and be ready to throw out anything that is not serving you anymore
  • ​​You're willing to learn and be open minded to play with new techniques and ways that will be very different from the typical yoga class
  • ​You are willing to invest time in yourself, so that your tomorrow, next week and next month will look and feel the way you want it to
  • In return you will feel instant changes in your body, strength, vitality, level of presence and feeling of connectedness in everyday life.

This Program is not for you If...

  • ​​You expect quick fix results and progressing without doing the work
  • ​You are not ready or willing to go deep and be open and vulnerable to do so
  • ​​​You just want to check out the program and you're not willing to actually put in the necessary time
  • ​You're overly skeptical that the same method that worked for me and countless of my students won't work for you
  • ​You're not willing to financially invest in yourself, your body, your good feeling, personal growth, physical and spiritual evolution and goals

This program is not a YOGA class, meditation, pranayama or philosophy course -

But a carefully designed program of growth, true physical, mental and emotional evolution and transformation

through embodying Yogic wisdom.

How does the

the Yoga Master Program work?

  • ​The program extends over 12 weeks, as a combination of an extraordinary on-line program, together with weekly private video coaching calls - that is a mind blowing 13 private sessions with me (you get one bonus call in week 16)
  • ​You have access for one entire year to the online program after completion to remember, review and pick up bits you didn't the first time round (sometimes our consciousness has to rise to see all)
  • ​You spend all together around 1 hour a day, for 12 weeks, in the online program, on assignments and practices (most practices can be done throughout the day, even as you are waiting for dinner to cook). Once the program is over, your daily life has become the practice. Asana practice continues as desired
  • ​The duration allows for information, practices and experiences to sink in sufficiently, for the transformational elements to be truly embodied, and for questions to come up that can be discussed in our calls.
  • ​The online program consists of an inspiring, effective, tried and tested combination of * videos * a large variety of hands on workshops * many fascinating and enlightening lectures on all subjects yoga * audio * images * awareness and becoming present exercises * in depth yogic practice and asana explanations * exercises to follow along during the videos to have you really FEEL what I'm showing you * assignments * homework * practice and experimentation directions * mind and emotions play *  fascinating stories and yogic folklore to explain and entertain, and much more.
  • ​For everything taught, you will get the what, the how, the why, the when and when not, with full availability for Q&A for each module
  • You will learn extraordinary content that is simply not being taught elsewhere. You will be taught with innovative, fascinating and effective methods that will keep you engaged and excited to learn more. You will then directly apply it to everyday life.
  • ​The on-line part of the program is designed to teach, inspire, amaze and unlock your mind, as well as flush out areas that need to be personalized for your asana, other practices, life etc.
  • The program goes into every single aspect of Yoga in great depth:
  • ​All areas of 'YOU' are addressed. That includes your yoga and meditation practice, all facets of yourself, your mind, emotions, behavior, beliefs, conditioning, feeling energies, relationships, sex, diet, sleep, how you breathe (not just in Pranayama, but in life), and everything else you might think of - under the light of the yogic microscope.
  • ​Together we are going to rewire it all until it runs smoothly.
  • ​​You will experience an unheard of depth to asana that I have always felt is completely missing in Yoga. Practical experiential anatomy which contradicts most yoga anatomy will transform the way you ever thought about asana, no matter your level or proficiency. I will not take you through countless sequences... (I'd rather teach you how to make them ;o) through a unique, straight forward process I developed. This is about you FEELING what I'm teaching and truly making it yours, rather than just information download. I have yet to meet somebody that already knows what I teach, and I say that humbly - it really goes THAT deep!
  • ​Each module comes with assignments to be completed and to be reviewed in our calls. Assignments and homework are structured and designed to unlock your mind and soul to the content taught, and to learn how it applies and helps you personally. All steps have been consciously created to dig deep into your being, discover what can be changed or let go of, and to develop ways, practices and mindset shifts to do so.Assignments help with accountability (making sure you actually do the work), give me 'hooks' I feel would be valuable to discuss with you, and allow me to make sure that you understood the content. Additionally, the way the assignments are designed, you really have to think about the content and apply it, which means you will actually remember it without a notebook, it truly sinks in, you'll begin to embody the information through experience, and you'll slowly build up a real, practical toolkit to gracefully deal with what your body, mind and life throws at you.
  • ​Our calls give me a deep understanding of your essence, of who you are and where you are at. Having the understanding of this essence, together with my deep practical personal experience of Yoga, is exactly what makes Yoga Master so special and why this system works like none other. Because I'm not looking at 'a' Yogi but at 'YOU!'
  • ​I know the tools available, I know how to help you access them and get from them what you need, and to get you where you want to go.
  • ​Our calls are also a resource for incorporating the practices into everyday life and any challenges you might face with that, on a physical and spiritual level. The calls can be used for anything that comes up during the program or your life in general.
  • ​The calls are also the opportunity to access realms of extra information, practices, ideas, suggestions, tweaking etc from me, that might not have been relevant for other students and are therefore not incorporated in the on-line program, but which turn out to be vital for YOU.

Think about it, what has been holding you back so far?

How long would it take you to do all this by yourself?

What would it be worth to you to reach your dreams?

How would it change you, your practice and your life?

Let's do this together!









  "I am a better teacher, a better person"

     "Let’s make it known to your readers, I am 60. Last year Xian taught me how to fix what yoga had done to me. I now love yoga again….I am a better teacher, a better person…..such a memorable, educational experience.

    I teach every class with your wisdom. I praise your teachings and wished you had been my original teacher…. What you showed me made me love “Yoga” once again.

Mahalo Nui Loa….."

Teri Vogt

(Yoga Teacher of 30 years)

    For the first time in my life I feel like I’m finally finding my path!

     "Love you so much Xian! What you have created is a beautiful space to heal and grow, to Transform! You’ve changed my life in so many ways and I’m not going to lie it wasn’t easy, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

My gratitude goes beyond words my friend! For the first time in my life I feel like I’m finally finding my path! Stepping outside my comfort zone, it was all trust in the unknown.

In short, you are amazing. An amazing soul, teacher, mother, friend, mentor, the list goes on. Thank you so much! You will always have my endless support!!!"

Mike Araujo

(Yoga Teacher)

     Xian has COMPLETELY transformed my whole body

"Redefining what yoga is as a practice, and yoga as a whole. It has COMPLETELY transformed my whole body so that I no longer have back pain.

And learning SO much more, the program is a fountain of knowledge

    Such an incredible opportunity. If you’re AT ALL interested in yoga, then this will be the best program to do! "

anya Walsh

- (Complete Beginner)

Yoga Master

is the only fully comprehensive,

fully structured, step-by step, further Yoga Education and
Transformational Coaching Program
in the world.

This extraordinary program is exceptional, outstanding and truly unique in content and execution. It is of the utmost finest quality,

giving access to publicly unavailable information,

allowing real authentic personal experience and transformation.

Take your yoga deeper than you ever imagined possible and transform your life body and soul.
Enjoyable, Effective, Lasting.


I welcome Yogis of all levels, from all around the world, to join me on this exciting adventure.

Click below to book your 1 hour clarity call to discuss if you are a good fit to work together in this fantastic program.

 I look forward to talk with you!

With love Xian


Let's revolutionize the yoga world together

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All Rights Reserved.